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Of all the lines that I have researched, the one that seems to be of most interest on the internet is that of the Estes/Eastes family of Kent, England. The Eastes clan has spread to the Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and of course, Europe. These files are not about the descendents of the d'Este family of Italy, despite many family legends, there is no such documented link. These Estes are of staid english middle-class origins. For further information and background on the name, check out the relevant files. What follows is a list of the Estes/Eastes files contained in my home page. There are now well over 20,000 names, but I am continually expanding the files (and I wont always bother updating this blurb since it's just somewhere to hang the links). File sizes are only approximate and may be larger than given. Why Eastes and Estes? In England the family name settled on the spelling Eastes by the early 1800's. On the other hand, the American lines settled on the spelling of Estes, although there are examples of both spellings on both sides of the Atlantic even today. Some of the more imaginative Eastes (in England and Australia) have assumed the name of d'Estes.

If you have any information that is not currently in these files, or if you find anything you believe is in error, please contact me and pass on what you have, I'll add it to the on-line files at the next update.

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Any further information on any of the people listed in the above files would be gratefully received at: [David Powell]. Thanks!

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