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This page contains a set links to files on ancestral surnames that I am researching. It is not a list the surnames that appear on this web site. Such a list would be much, MUCH longer.

I am currently in the process converting the charts into html format with considerably more detail & information, background information on the localities and graphics, This will, course, be a very lengthy process. In most cases, a limited one-name study will be performed: In Australia that means researching all families sharing the surname in either the district, the state or nationally (depending on how common the surname is). In the UK & Ireland (all of my lines come from the British Isles), that means either a parish/city or county-wide study, again depending on how common the surname is. Apart from making this site useful to more researchers, the primary purpose is to establish whether or not other references to the surname are related or not. Photographs etc are not included for unrelated lines. Note that some these charts are quite sizable, many being over 1M, including graphics. The "Mark II" charts are noted below with the comment "HTML Format".

Research presented using the older format is in text file format with full details on my direct line (in the 'line chart') and a one-line summary on individuals in side lines (in the 'tree chart'). Relevant links and a list of those researching that surname are given in the individual index page for that surname. Essays ave been written on some lines and they can be found via that surname index page. Unless it is critical, these charts are no longer being updated and will eventually be replaced by html versions, as above.

Please note that all dates are in English format, that is: day/month/year. Some dates using the old English (Julian) calendar are expressed in the format: day/month/year1-year2 - the Julian calendar year started on 'Lady Day', 25th March. A date in January would thus be expressed as 15/1/1729-1730. Any further information on any the people listed in the above files would be gratefully received. Where only one generation is known for a particular surname (ie: "lost wives"), only that generation is given in the file, such files are denoted by a "(P)" below, signifying they are "point files". Hopefully this status is only temporary.

As these charts are being rewritten in html format "District Pages" (counties, states etc) are being added, where relevant. In addition to links to the various surname charts I have researched from these districts, the pages also contain background information on the district, maps and a description of useful resources (online and otherwise) when researching in these districts. District pages currently online are:

Co Norfolk, England Stratford-Upon-Avon area, EnglandCo Tyrone, Ireland

Names beginning with:
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Names beginning with: A - B
Ackers/Acres: Kent Co, England.  
Allman: Norfolk Co, England, Canada & Australia. HTML Format
Almond: Sussex Co, England.  
Amey: Cambridge, England.  
Anderson: Angus, Scotland.  
Atkins: Hertfordshire Co, England & Australia.  
Atmelle (P): Kent, England.  
Back: Kent Co, England & Australia.  
Baily (P): Kent Co, England.  
Baker -1: Kent Co, England.  
Baker -2: London, England.  HTML Format
Barclay: Perth & Angus, Scotland.  
Barhe (P): Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Barnard (P): Essex Co, England.  HTML Format
Beenham: Oxfordshire Co, England.  
Bell (P): Staffordshire Co, England.  
Bennett (P): Berkshire Co, England.  
Blundell: Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Boules/Bowles: Kent Co, England  
de Brent: Somerset & Kent, England.  
Brockman: Kent & Essex Co.'s, England  
Brown -1: Co Waterford, Ireland & NSW, Australia. HTML Format 
Brown -2: Angus Shire, Scotland.  
Brown -3 (P): Sussex Co, England.  
Brown - 4 (P): Cambridge, England.  
Brummell (P): Sussex, England.  
Butterworth (P): Yorkshire Co, England.  
   Names beginning with: C - D
Campbell: Argyll & Perth, Scotland.  
Capel: Northamptonshire Co, England.  
Carter: Oxfordshire Co, England.  
Cawdray (P): Yorkshire Co, England.  
Chamberlain: Norfolk Co, England.  HTML Format
Chambers (P): Kent Co, England.  
Clark (P): Yorkshire Co, England.  
Cobb: Norfolk, England. HTML Format
Cook: Essex/Cambridge, England & NSW, Australia.  
Collyn (P): Cambridge, England.  
Cotterell: Staffordshire, England, & NSW, Australia.  
Craig (P): Perthshire, Scotland  
Crispe: Oxfordshire & Kent Co's, England.  
Crockford (P): Sussex, England.  
Crome: Norfolk Co, England.  HTML Format
Crowther (P): Yorkshire Co, England.  
Denne (P): Kent, England.  
Dickson (P): Angus, Scotland.  
Dilnot: Kent Co, & London, England & Australia.  
Douglas: Angus & Lanarkshire, Scotland.  
Dunbar: County Tyrone, Ireland. HTML Format
Dunn: Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Dyer (P): Oxfordshire, England.   

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Names beginning with: E - G
Eastes/Estes: Kent Co, England & world-wide  
Edwards (P): Oxfordshire Co, England.
Elder: Angus, Scotland.  
Elliott (P): Northamptonshire Co, England.  
Etherupp (P): Kent Co, England.  
Fakener: Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Finlay: Angus, Scotland.  
Follett: Devonshire/Somerset, Eng., & South Australia.  HTML Format
Finlay: Kent, England.  
de la Ford: Somerset Co, England.  
Gallaway (P): Angus, Scotland.  
Gibson (P): Angus, Scotland.  
Gill (P): Yorkshire Co, England.  
Gillet (P): Oxfordshire Co, England.  
Gobion: Northampton, Bedford, Essex & Kent Co's, Eng.  
Godwine (P): Kent Co, England.  
Goodchild: Kent Co, England, Canada & Australia.  
Graham: County Tyrone, Ireland. HTML Format
Greenwood: Norfolk Co, England. HTML Format
   Names beginning with: H
Halling (P): Gloucester Co, England.HTML Format
Halsnode (P): Kent Co, England.  
Harcourt (P): Wiltshire, England.  
Harrison: Yorkshire Co, England.  
Harte: Staffordshire, England.  
Hasell/Hassell: Cambridgeshire, England. HTML Format
Haslewood (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Hawkridge (P): London, England.  
Hayward (P): Northamptonshire, England.  
Hazell: Norfolk Co, England. HTML Format
Hay (P): Angus, Scotland.  
Hiccox: Warwickshire Co & London, England.  HTML Format
Hickox: Warwickshire Co, England. HTML Format
Hill (P): Oxfordshire, England.  
Hills (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Hollingworth (P): Northampton, England.  
Hooper (P): Devonshire/Somerset, Eng., & Sth Australia. HTML Format
Humphrey (P): Hertford, England.  
Hunt (P): Kent Co, England.  
Huggins: Berkshire/Oxfordshire, Eng., Canada & Australia.  
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Names beginning with: I - L
Ingham: Yorkshire Co, England, & worldwide  
Innesant (P): Kent Co, England.
Irwin: Co Tyrone, Ireland, USA, NZ & Australia. HTML Format
Jefferies (P): Oxfordshire, England.  
Johnson (P): Hertford, England.  
Johnson (P): Cambridge, England.  
Kay/Key (P): Angus, Scotland.  
Kelly: London, England and Australia.  
Kiell/Riell (P): Angus, Scotland.  
King: London, England, Australia & South Africa.  
Kitchin/Kitching: Yorkshire Co, England.  
Kirkpatrick: County Tyrone, Ireland. HTML Format
Knatchbull: Kent Co, England.  
Knight (P): Northamptonshire, England.  
Kowen (P): Staffordshire, England.  
de Lacelles (P): Bedfordshire, England.  
Lane (P): Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Langley (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Leggat (P): Cambridgeshire, England.   
Little: Gloucester Co, England.HTML Format
Lord (P): Kent, England.  
Lynough (P): Co. Kildare, Ireland.  
   Names beginning with: M - O
McDonald: India, London & NSW, Australia.  HTML Format
Marshall (P): London, England.  
Martin (P): Kent Co, England.  
de Merlay (P): Northampton, England.    
Meynes(P): Cambridgeshire, England.   
Mill (P): Angus, Scotland.    
Miller (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Miller: Cambridgeshire, England - another line.  
Mills: Staffordshire, England.    
Mingey: Essex Co, England.  
Money: Norfolk Co, England. HTML Format
Mortimer (P): Angus, Scotland.  
Montacute/Montagu: Normandy & Somerset, England.  
Morris: Warwickshire Co, England HTML Format
Morrison: Co. Down, Ireland and NSW, Australia.  HTML Format
Neeves: Sussex Co, England and Australia.  
Nicoll (P): Angus, Scotland.   
North: Kent Co, England.     
Oake: Cambridgeshire, England.  
O'Nere (P): Kent, England.  
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Names beginning with: P - S
Page: Cambridgeshire Co, England.  
Page: Cambridgeshire, England - another line.
Palmer (P): Berkshire & Oxfordshire Counties, England.  
Palmore: Staffordshire, England.  
Pankhurst (P): Sussex Co, England.  
Parkinson/Perkinson (P): Yorkshire Co, England.  
Patterson (P): Kent, England.  
Pelham: Sussex Co, England.  
Pellam: Kent Co, England.  
Pettett (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Pevington (P): Kent Co, England.  
Phillips/Phettiplase (P): Oxfordshire, England.  
Powell: London, England, & South Australia. HTML Format 
Pratt (P): Staffordshire, England.  
Prescott (P): Kent Co, England.  
Quekes (P): Kent, England.  
Randolfe (P): Kent, England.  
Rey: Kent Co, England.  
Riches: Norfolk Co, England.  HTML Format
Robinson: Co Cork, Ireland, & NSW, Australia.  
Ross: County Tyrone, Ireland, & Australia. HTML Format
Sizer: Cambridgeshire, England.  
Sevenoakes (P): Kent, England.   
Smith - 1 (P): Oxfordshire, England.   
Smith - 2 (P): Norfolk, England.   
Smith - 3 (P): Cambridge, England.  
Smith - 4 (P): Staffordshire, England.  
Smith - 5 (P): Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Somes (P): Northamptonshire, England.  
   Names beginning with: S - Z
Spinks: Co Kent & London, England. HTML Format
Spiser (P): Cambridgeshire, England. 
Starling: Cambridgeshire Co, England. 
Sweeney (P): Co. Kildare, Ireland. HTML Format
Taylor - 1 (P): Northamptonshire, England.  
Taylor - 2 (P): Cambridge, England.  
Taylor - 3: Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Terrence: Co. Kildare, Ireland & NSW, Australia. HTML Format
Thurnow (P): Cambridge, England.  
Tosh: Scotland, England, Australia and Canada.   
Toschoch: Scotland. Mediaeval ancestors the Tosh's.  
Townsend: Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Tredgett: Cambridgeshire, England.  
Turner: Cambridgeshire Co, England.  
Tylar: Warwickshire Co, EnglandHTML Format
Walker: Co Down, Ireland & Australia.  
Ware: Cambridgeshire, England.  
Watson: Angus, Scotland.  
Webb (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Weldon (P): Sussex, England.  
Whiting: Kent Co, England.  
Wike (P): Yorkshire Co, England.   
Wilson: County Tyrone, Ireland. HTML Format
Wollard (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Woollard (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Woodward (P): Kent Co, England.  
Woolward (P): Cambridgeshire, England.  
Wrest: Kent, England. Combined line and tree chart.   
Wyneday: Kent Co, England.    
Yate (P): Staffordshire, England.    

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