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Linedance Choreography Awards

The following is a compilation of linedance choreography awards, both Australian and elsewhere. If you know of any other awards which are not included below and are reasonably recent, let me know the results and I'll add 'em in. David Powell.


Annual N.S.W Choreography Competition

Held 12th October, 2015, St Marys Band Club, Sydney
Judges Bill Larson, Peter Fry & Adrian Lefebour

Beginner Line Dance
1. Any Time With You - Sandy Kerrigan

2. Seven Year Ache - Jim Watt
3. Turn the Beat Up - Maddy Glover
Intermediate Line Dance
1. Hey Bartender - Roxanne Moates
2. Baby I'm Amazed - Maddy Glover

3. Back Seat Bash - Sandy Kerrigan
Improver Line Dance
1. Another Drinking Song - Kathryn Sloan
2. Runaway Heart - Sandy Kerrigan
3. It Feels Good Good Good - Kathryn Sloan

24th Australian Line Dance Championships 

Held Tamworth, January 2016
Organised by Line Dance Association of Australia

Beginner Line Dance
1. Dance With Me – Linda Burgess

2. Seven Year Ache – Jim Watt
3. Coconut Tree – Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings
Intermediate Line Dance
1. Best Seat in the House – Stephen Paterson
2. Still in Love with You – Colleen Archer
3. Resurrection Shuffle – Linda Burgess
Improver Line Dance
1. Ooh Wakka – John Hughes
2. Drinking Class – Jennifer Hughes & Karen Jennings
3. Sugar Baby Love – Stephen Paterson
Advanced Line Dance
1. My Legs are Weak – Linda Burgess
2. Tennessee Whiskey – Jennifer Hughes & Kevin Formosa
3. Don’t Be So – Linda Burgess
People's Choice
Still in Love with You – Colleen Archer
Judges Choice
Clair – Trish Arena

Mayworth Australian Country Dance Festival

Choreography Competition, 2016

Wests Leagues Club, Tamworth Services Club. 12th May
1. Coconut Tree – Jennifer Hughes and Karen Jennings
2. Try Everything (Easy) –Adrian Lefebour
1. Old Bones – Hui Hui Wu Wu
2. Strip it Down Ex – Johnathon Hardy & Jennifer Hughes
1. 2nd Hand Heart Kevin Formosa and Jennifer Hughes
2. Tennessee Whisky – Jennifer Hughes and Kevin Formosa
Highest Point Scorer
Bad Boys Be – Kevin Smith & Wayne Beazley


Southern State Line Dance Championships,

Choreography Competition, 2016

Serbian Community Centre, Greensborough, Victoria. 23-24th July.
Judges: Bill Larsen, Lu Olsen & Cathryn Proudfoot
1. It's Time - Pauline Greenwood
2. Try Everything (Easy) –Adrian Lefebour
1. Them Lonesome Blues - Jo Hough
2. Funnel of Love –
Jo Hough
3. Kids
- Pauline Greenwood
1. Pride (A Deeper Love) - Adrian Lefebour
2. Holdin' Her - Rhys Pearce & Jamie Robinson
3. Just A Sin Away - Jo Hough
1. Neverland Is Home - Kevin Formosa


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