The Gap theory (Creationism)

Late last year I came across mention of this way out creationist idea called the "Gap Theory". It is, from what I can gather, an attempt to put cosmological dates into the creationism theory. Specifically the theory proposes that the Earth (and presumably also the rest of the cosmos) was created millions, perhaps even billions (*gasp*) years ago, but that around 4004BC (the traditionally accepted date for the Earth's creation) the Earth was "reformed". Subsequently Noah's flood wiped out all evidence for it. I will give the theory all the serious consideration it warrants. *grin*

What went on during the billion year interim? I mean, there were presumably no humans around to pollute the earth, so why recreate it? To get rid of the dinosaurs, that might threaten humans? But the theory states that no evidence survived the "Flood". Hmmm....

Well one could go to town on that one and so I will. No, it wasn't the dino's ... they came after the "gap" (tho' mind you, creationists don't believe in dino's either .. they claim they are all hoaxes). So what does that leave?

Perhaps God did it the first time, made man and everything ... and wiped it out when he gave up and tried afresh again .. and again ... and again ... So the conclusion one draws is that unless "we" do a good enuf job then he will destroy this earth and everyone in it and start again .. presumably sending everyone to oblivion (or hell).

Or maybe it wasn't "man" before but alien races? Or maybe this is actually heaven (and the afterlife) and what was before the gap was the original existence (must've been real bad if this is heaven). Or maybe this is hell and the hindu's are right .. we live, die and are reborn into this world (hell) eternally 'cuz we were found unworthy before the recreation of the universe .. the bible etc is just a vague memory of the SCRIPTURE that existed before the end (which is why it's said to be full of mistakes), that the NT refers not to a future 2nd coming but to a 2nd coming that came 6000 years ago. Still, as a pessimist, I'm partial to the theory that this is in fact the afterlife and we are in hell. :)

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