This page is dedicated to my travels around Australia (see elsewhere for my travels in England and North America). I generally take copious notes when I travel and even more photo's. Don't go looking for the Leyland Brother's here - these days I prefer my creature comforts and I don't drive a 4WD (or SRV for those from America). My interests also tend to the historical and scenic - mountains, caves, coastlines, waterfalls and the like. I will add more trips, past and future, as opportunity & inspiration allow.

All travelogues and photographs are all copyright David Powell, 2008. Reproduction for financial gain is strictly prohibited. If you want to 'borrow' anything, please ask first and cite the source. I do not guarantee any of the historical or geographical information - its accuracy is governed entirely by the sources I've used (tour guides, brochures etc). If you find any errors, please do let me know and I'll correct them. The date refers to the event and not when the travelogue was posted. Please be aware that the travel-blogs from 2006 on are quite large. Those on dial-up should go make a cup of tea while they're waiting. :)

Admiralty House & Kirribilli House - October, 2006 (Sydney)

Cains: Rainforest & Reef - October, 2007 (Cairns, Daintree, Barrier Reef & more)

Canberra in the Wet - October, 2004 (Around the ACT)

Caves & Mountains - January, 2005 (Jenolan Caves & Blue Mtns)  
Grand Pacific Drive - April, 2007 (Sydney to Wollongong)

Leura Garden Festival - October, 2006 (Blue Mountains)  
Melbourne: In the Sun - July, 2008 (Melbourne City Centre)
Shoalhaven: Coasts & History - September, 2004
South Coast Crawl - January, 2007 (Illawarra to Batemans Bay)

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