Bilton Ancestry
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The primary purpose of these pages is to chart the genealogy of Richard Bilton of Co Yorkshire, England and thence New South Wales, Australia. Richard was the s/o Joseph & Ann Bilton of Whitwell on the Hill, North Riding, Co Yorkshire. This family is part of the Easingwold-Malton group, primarily located to the north-east of the city of York in the south-east of the North Riding. For some time it was been believed by members of this family that Richard Bilton was the son of John & Anne Bilton of Cottingham, near Hull, Yorkshire. Research on this family group as well as other Bilton's of East Riding, Co Yorkshire, is given above. The village of Bilton is in the East Riding and is the likely origin of the family name. In an attempt to flesh out the entirety of the descendants of Richard Bilton family in Australia, I have attempted to chart all the Bilton's in New South Wales prior to about 1920, either to establish a connection with Richard or to rule one out. Richard had two wives (not at the same time!) and the two "families" displayed very different patterns in terms of forenames and geography.